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Use your powers for good, not evil

These resources play a vital role throughout your time in debate. You’ll need to be familiar with the rules, how judges score your speaker points, and how to spot a fallacy.

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Anthony Schneider

What it means to be a debater

Debate kids often have a nerdy stigma attached to them. Maybe we were “smart” for joining debate but not every debater is the same. 

My point is, we all joined debate or thought about joining debate for different reasons. It’s not what got you here that matters, it’s what you do with it now that you’re apart of it. 

Sure, sometimes the research feels like a chore and the late night practices can be exhausting but once you’ve felt what its like to place at a tournament you’ll always work twice as hard preparing for the next one. There’s something magical about the people you interact with and come to defeat that I can’t quite explain. 

By the end of your first season you’ve basically developed super powers. You now know how to win arguments, call out a lie, and influence those around you. But like Uncle Ben used to say “with great power comes great responsibility” so be careful how you use it but use it nonetheless.