Debate Camp

Debate Camp

Get ready

for the best debate camp ever

actual camping

Enjoy a change in scenery, cooler temperatures, and the smell of pinewood trees. Oh and it wouldn't be camping without S'mores!

outdoor activities

Rock climbing, ropes course, zip lining, swimming, laser tag and a target range.

Malts and more

Pick up your favorite malt or share a snack with a new friend. Three delicious meals a day are included.

intellectual kung-fu

Take your debate combat to the next level and learn new skills with other debaters from across CA.

Summer camp

NextGen Debate is excited to announce its first annual summer camp in 2022. This summer camp is ideal for debaters who already have at least some experience. Students who are new to debate can sign up for our workshop in September. 

Heres what we know: Camp will be located in Crestline CA for three nights and three and 1/2 days. There will be zip lining, rock climbing, archery, hiking, s’mores, swimming, laster tag, and well… debate.  

The official date has not been set quite yet but will likely be held in late June. 

Cost is currently $? for those that sign up before January 2022. Starting January 1 the cost will increase. This cost includes lodging, three meals a day, and all the activities listed above. There will be snacks and malts available for purchase. A monthly payment plan may also be available.  

Frequently Asked Questions

On the off chance the worlds best debate camp is cancelled, a refund will be issued to anyone who previously signed up. 

Volunteers and chaperones still require a paid camp ticket but if you’re interested, please let us know! 

Many schools are expected to travel in groups so talk to your coach about carpooling! Debaters are ultimately responsible for their own transportation.