Upcoming Debate Topics

There are none! Typically topics are announced on a Friday, four weeks prior to the start of the event. 

In no particular order these are topics NextGen Debate has used in the past:

*Debaters often clarify or “define” the topic by specifying terms.

  • Capitalism is a better economic system than socialism.
  • Goldenvoice does more harm than good.
  • It is wrong for teachers to go on strike.
  • Pluto is a planet.
  • The United States should add an excise tax to red meat.
  • California should ban dockless electric scooter sharing programs.
  • Ant-bullying programs do more harm than good. 
  • California should keep daylight savings time. 
  • The Salton Sea is worth saving.
  • Schools should ban esports.
  • Human genetic engineering is morally wrong.
  • Disney does more harm than good.
  • Schools should group students by ability rather than age.
  • Citizenship is a privilege not a right.
  • The US federal government should provide universal childcare.
  • Distant learning is better than traditional learning.
  • The United States should have compulsory voting.
  • Postal ballots do more harm than good.
  • Tik Tok should be banned.
  • US. cities should defund the police .
  • California should not have shut down due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
  • Vaping is bad for adults. 
  • The electoral college system is outdated .
  • Domestic surveillance by the NSA is necessary.
  • Schools should group students by ability rather than age.
  • Mandatory vaccines are constitutional.
  • The Pink Tax is justified.
  • Middle school students should be required to volunteer.
  • The 1619 Project should be the central component of social studies curriculums. 
  • The United States should re-enter the Paris Climate Accord.
  • It should be illegal to cross a street while viewing a mobile electronic device. 
  • Self driving cars do more harm than good. 
  • The U.K. should not leave the European Union.
  • Puerto Rico should become a state.
  • The United States should ban the public display of confederate symbols.
  • Bottled water causes more harm than good.
  • Domestic surveillance by the NSA is necessary.
  • On balance, playing video games does more good than harm.
  • The sale of human organs should be legal. 
  • The risks for artificial intelligence outweighs the rewards. 
  • The penny should be abolished.
  • Teachers should be allowed to carry concealed weapons in school.
  • Social networking is good for our society.
  • Action on climate change is cheaper than inaction.
  • California should abolish the death penalty.
  • People should have a right to full online privacy.
  • Fort nite is good for kids 
  • California should split into multiple states.
  • Schools should require cameras in classrooms 
  • The electoral college system is outdated.
  • Plastic straws should be banned.
  • US Supreme Court Justices should have term limits.
  • Zoos do more good than harm.
  • The Unites States should close it’s Guantanamo Prison.
  • Schools should be year round.
  • Palm Desert should allow Drive-Thrus.
  • The United States voting age should be lowered to 16. 
  • Russia is more of an enemy than an ally.

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