Hire A Coach

Hire a Coach

Coach Your Team to Success

Rather than hiring an individual coach, you are hiring a team of certified coaches and instructors. A primary coach will be assigned to your school/team and will conduct practice, individual performance reviews, and all other responsibility that comes with being a debate coach. But often times, more than one coach will get involved and support your debaters throughout the year.

Practice is truly what will set good debate teams apart from great ones. You decide how much time you’d like our coaches to spend with your debaters. Typically, a debate team will hold practice for 6 hours a week. Our normal hourly rate is $65 but we highly recommend you choose a season package (for 1 year) and get a much better deal. Additionally, any team that purchases a package will also receive access to all online courses, including the advanced ones. Unlike other debate programs, there is no additional fee to register or participate in NextGen Debate.

Pandemic: There is no debate when it comes to health and safety. Our coaches and trainers are vaccinated and will continue to stay up to date on the latest CDC, WHO, and local government ordinances. Practice and events will be held virtually only if necessary, otherwise they will be held conveniently at your location. 

Package 1: $7,200

  • 120 hours at $60 an hour
  • 3 hours a week for 10 months
  • All course access pass

Package 2: $10,800

  • 240 hours at $45 an hour
  • 6 hours a week for 10 months
  • All course access pass

Package 3: $12,800

  • 320 hours at $40 an hour
  • 8 hours a week for 10 months
  • All course access pass

Ultimately, hiring a certified coach will give your debaters a competitive edge. Whether they are brand new or experienced, our coaches will provide the individual feedback they need to continuously improve. Furthermore, if there is already a dedicated coach for your team, our experienced coaches will work with them too and help lay a proper foundation for years to come. 

Contact us directly for private tutoring at $65 an hour (760)544-2191 hello@nextgendebate.org

Terms and Conditions:

Location must be within the Coachella Valley. The exact time and days practice are held will be established in partnership with our availability and the debaters involved. If there are hours left unused in a particular month due to a holiday or unexpected occurrence then those hours will roll over to the next month or months. The hours must simply be used within the same school year the package was purchased but there is otherwise no roll over limit. If an “in person” practice can not be schedule to compensate for unused hours than a virtual practice may be held. An onsite location must be provided to the school for us to utilize for in person practices. Additionally, a representative is required to attend events for the corresponding school/team. Therefore, hours will be accounted for during tournaments and workshops unless the school can provide an alternate representative for those particular days. The representative is simply responsible for the whereabouts of each debater during our events and therefore, does not need to be proficient in the art of debate. in the rare case where hours are left unused and unscheduled, a refund may be provided to the school. At the end of the school year, you will receive a report depicting individual performance for every single debater at your location as well as an overall team performance. This report will detail performance at the beginning of the year and show how it has improved. Additionally, with the help of school administration we can showcase an improvement in their overall academic success throughout the school year. We are confident debate is not just a fun extra curricular, but an arsenal of educational competencies that will have life long effects in everything your students do moving forward. If at any point your school or debate team is unsatified with their coaching experience we encourage you to reach out to our leadership team. We are not happy if you are not happy. Please be prepared to give us specific feedback on how we can improve and move forward. If absolutely necessary, your school may be refunded for the package and charged the normal hourly rate of $65 for any time already invested. 

For Any Inquiries:

Phone: 760 544-2191

Email: hello@nextgendebate.org