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The president's blog

What topics are we debating on and why? Whats the big deal and does it even matter to me? 

I am going to introduce you to the upcoming topics and give some tips to help you before your next tournament. Welcome to my blog!

Middle School Topics

Topic 1

Distance learning is better than traditional learning. 

Topic 2

The United States should have compulsory voting.

Topic 3

Postal ballots do more harm than good.

Topic 4

Tik Tok should be banned.

Relevant news

old newspaper, newspaper, retro

Coronavirus explained

Great video explaining the coronavirus global pandemic start to what we know now.

Black Lives Matter

Learn how the movent started, what its about, and why its so relevant to us today.

CDC pandemic numbers

The latest stats and numbers on COVID-19

A Sampling of Election Fraud cases

Recently proven instances of election fraud across the country

Fun Facts on mail in voting

Learn about the uncovered facts The Guardian discovered when investigating mail in voting

Tik Tok saga

This article gives an overview to why the U.S. government and other countries may decide to ban Tik Tok.

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