Tik Tok should be banned

I know how much middle schoolers love to use Tik Tok but we have to look at this issue like true debaters and investigate the facts. Why would we ban Tik Tok and not other apps? Have other countries banned Tik Tok and if so, why? 

Your judge has probably heard of Tik Tok before but proposition will still need to explain why we are debating this topic before  listing any assertions. This ensures the judge has an even deeper understanding of the topic and gives you the chance to create the narrative. 

This topic implies that the app called “Tik Tok” should be unavailable for download or purchase in the United States. But proposition can define “banned” and limit the geographical location to anywhere in the world. So as opposition, you should discuss with your team under what kind of situation would you argue topicality. If the proposition tries to say “Tik Tok should be banned in Afghanistan to children less than 5 years old” then opposition should argue that the proposition redefined the topic too much and now it is undebatable. But you will need to convince the judge in order to win the debate. 

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