Winter Cross League Tournament

Winter Cross League Tournament

High School Tournament

Saturday January 23, 2021
8:45am - 4:00pm

Tournament Results

Team Awards

First Place: Thompson, Gupta & Bellad (NEA TGB)

Second Place: Acosta, Sanchez & Pelayo (LAHS ASP)

Third Place: Mahoney & White (INHS MW)

Fourth Place: Juarez, Rodriguez & Luna (LAHS JRL)

Fifth Place: Campbell, Larson & Coughlin (FIRE CLC)

Sixth Place: Guo, Lee & Sun (COG GLS)

Seventh Place: Wong, Jing & Su (WHS WJS)

Speaker Awards

1 – Jack Thompson (New England)

2 – Gabrielle White (Independent)

3 – Tatum Mahoney (Independent)

4 – Gabriel Juarez (Lost Altos)

5 – Nathan Pelayo (Los Altos)

6 – Mindy Rodriguez (Los Altos)

7 – Sofia Majeed (WHS WJS)

8 – Danielle Jing (WHS WJS)

9- Christian Sanchez (LAHS ASP)

10 – Conner Lee (COG BGL)

11 – Cathy Li (WHS ALM)

12 – Shani Su (WHS WJS)

13 – Sasha Wong (WHS WJS)

14 – Marissa Alejo (WHS ALM)

15 – Jonathan Acosta (LAHS ASP)

16 – Eesha Bellad (NEA TGB)

17 – Nora Brue (COG BGL)

18 – Aryav Bajora (COG ABW)

19 – Seth Coughlin (FIRE CLC)

20 – Ria Krish (NEA IKS)

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