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Make new friends and become one of the smartest kids at your school.

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Exercise your intellectual muscle and defeat your opponents with wit, not violence.

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Words we live by. If we aren't learning, then whats the point?

Discover your inner debater.. and the world

Learn about world events that will change the outcome of history.

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Debaters are required to register with a legal parent or guardian. Debate coaches are expected to involve their school administration in the annual registration process. 

Registration opens for coaches and new schools August 1st. Debaters can register starting September 1st. All members must register every year. 

Calendar dates for the 2021-2022 season will be posted by September1st. 

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Volunteers earn a special place in our community and our hearts. NextGen Debate would not exist without compassion and time given by volunteers. 

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At times committees are formed to help strengthen our debate community. Members of this committee will be manually approved. 

Frequently asked questions

It is important that we have adequate information such as emergency contacts, health concerns, and more so that we can help keep everyone safe at our events. Legal affidavits are agreed to during the registration process and we intend to better our program by tracking every debaters progress. 

There is no debate when it comes to health and safety. Our first few events will be held virtually until we can meet recommended guidelines. Click here to learn more

We offer an affordable debate program while providing free membership to anyone that needs it. If you feel you need a refund for any reason we are happy to oblige. 

Of course! We ask that everyone in attendance act and dress respectfully. Check out the event schedule and arrive on time, audience members may not be allowed in once the debate starts. 

There are lots of ways to volunteer. We need help setting up our events, selling snacks, scoring tournament data, running to the store, and at the end of the day we pack it all up again. Just reach out to us and let us know what you might be interested in. 

Member testimonials

"Debate changed my life for the better, I don't know where I would be without it."
Hilary Leigh
"Debate has made an impactful change in my students and throughout the school; we will never not have debate again."
Hall Read
6th grade teacher
"I found my closest friends after joining debate, I'm so glad I joined."
Christopher Montero
"Spark the change in your school and start teaching your students the art of debate."
Charles Robin
8th grade teacher

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