High School Debate

The Scoop

We are still waiting to see how our local school districts will approach education but rain or shine we intend to host tournaments (which may mean virtual).

Our high school format is similar to our middle school format so the transition should be an easy one. Teams will have just two debaters and 7 min constructive speeches. 

  • Be sure to read the Tournament Rules as some things may have changed.
  • Updated Speaker Rubric

What Else?

We are waiting to see how schools will approach education before we can make any definitive plans but typically our first tournament is held in late October. 

We hope to have at least six teams from three different participating schools. There is a huge possibility more will join before our first event, so help us get the word out!

Once you register, you can access the necessary debate resources to learn the high school format. Be sure to check back for more information as we approach the start of the school year!

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