Middle School Workshop


Sep 26 2020


10:00 am - 2:15 pm

Welcome to our annual Middle School Debate Workshop! This year the workshop will be held virtually and is intended for middle school debaters and their parents. We’ll start the event with a demonstration debate followed by break out sessions. Finally we will come together for a practice debate to debate the topic “distance learning is better than traditional learning.”

Near the bottom of the page are two downloadable files, an event flyer and an hourly schedule. Zoom web links will be available on the date of the event for registered debaters. 

Hourly Schedule

Middle School Debate Workshop

10am - 11am
Introduction & Demonstration Debate
Join us for a quick introduction to NextGen Debate. Together we will watch a group of experienced debaters demonstrate a live debate.
11am - 11:30am
Parents Workshop
Ms. Flaherty leads a discussion about what the kids are learning in the other workshops. This session is designed for parents who may want to learn the actual rules of debate and take a more active role in their debaters journey.
11am - 11:30am
Debate Basics
Experienced debater Tatum Mahoney shares words of wisdom for debaters who are just getting started. Instructor: Tatumn Moahoney Skill Level: Novice/New
11am - 11:30am
Advanced Strategies
This group will discuss the various tactics debaters utilize in competition. This session is ideal for debaters who already have experience. Instructor: Anthony Skill Level: Intermediate/Experienced
11:30am - 12:30pm
Judges Boot Camp
All judges must begin their journey at Boot Camp. After this course participants can "shadow" or watch another judge at our next debate tournament. Judge trainee's will continue to shadow and be shadowed by other judges until they are ready to judge on their own. Instructor: Emily Roethler Skill Level: New
11:30 - 12pm
ARESR, Speaking Roles, and the Rubric
This session will dive deeper into the responsibilities of each individual speaker. Learn about some changes made in the Speakers Rubric and how ARESR plays a crucial role. Instructor: Ms. Flaherty Skill Level: All
12pm - 12:30pm
How to Flow and Make Great Use of Your Prep Time
Flowing is the art of scribing various notes throughout the debate. Here you will learn the different strategies in note taking and why they call it "flowing." Instructor: Mr. Roethler Skill Level: Novice/New
12pm - 12:30pm
Logical Fallacies
Arguments are full of flaws and as a debater, it's your job to find them. Here we learn what a fallacy is, how to spot one, and how to refute. Instructor: Unkown Skill Level: Intermediate/Experienced
12:30 - 1pm
Time for a break!
1pm - 1:30pm
4 Step Method, Heckles, and POI's
The 4 Step method is designed to cover all areas of a refutation and leave a lasting impression. Learn about Heckles, POI's and strategies to make the best use of them. Instructor: Unkown Skill Level: Novice/New
1pm - 1:30pm
Introduction, Conclusion, and Strategic Topic Narrowing
This course will teach you what a strong introduction and conclusion look like. Learn about the inner strategies of topic narrowing. Instructor: Unknown Skill Level: Intermediate/Experienced
1:30 - 2:15ish
Practice Debate
Participate in a practice debate just like the real deal except, this one won't count against you. We'll be debating the same topic in the demonstration debate.
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