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Debater Registration

Participation is free and completely voluntary. We manually approve all registration forms typically within a day. Once approved, you will be able to access all necessary resources and content to participate in debate until June 2021.

  • If your preferred name is different than your legal name that you would like on your public profile, you may edit your name after registration.
  • This is kept confidential and not public. We will only contact you if necessary.
  • This will be your username.
  • Strength indicator
  • We may need to mail something to you like awards, store items, letters, etc.
  • What year do you expect to graduate from high school?
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  • Please name the primary adult contact for the debater registering.
  • This is to help us prevent and resolve possible conflicts.
  • We are raffling prizes to our YouTube subscribers. You must subscribe to our YouTube channel, type your YouTube account name in the box, and be present at events to win. We need 1k subscribers to upgrade our account features!
    The following information will help us better understand the diversity impact debate has on our community. You do not have to continue filling out any more information below.
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