Character Clash 2021

Character Clash

Middle & High School

Saturday, October 30th


Top Teams

  1. Tristan, Jackson, Tony
  2. Ashley, Josiah, Jhonen
  3. Ryan, Arianna, Elizabeth

Top Speakers

  1. Jackson Mann
  2. Tony Kerolis
  3. Tristan Trigg
  4. Jhonen Dombrowski
  5. Koen Tolman
  6. Elizabeth Graham

Event Info:

This event will be held virtually and offer a few additional perks not typically included at a tournament. This is the only event debaters can dress up as their favorite (family friendly) characters. Additionally, instead of using Zoom, we will be using a software designed for debate tournaments called NSDA Campus which requires a TabRoom Account. Creating an account should take less than two minutes and we have custom instructional videos to help.

We need judges and volunteers! No prior debate experience required, we will teach you everything you need to know. 

This is about a 6 hour long event and will start at a specified time between 8am and 11am. Check back one week before the start of the event to see an hourly schedule.

Start by joining the zoom

Our day begins with a zoom introduction. Click the dice icon or Zoom button below to join.

Switch to tabroom

Login and use to enter your debate rooms (use Google Chrome).

Click your email

If you are ever lost, click your email in the upper right corner on

squad room

Look for your school's Squad Room at the top of the site.

Character Clash Zoom Link

Technical Difficulties?

You can call or text us at (760)544-2191.

Download files

Download the Tournament Instructions, Event Schedule, and any other resources you may need for this event. You can find files blow and on the Resources page.  


Awards will be posted the night of the event and given to the top three teams and 10 speakers. Debaters will be notified when and how they can receive their awards on the day of the event.